This presentation of the LEGO 1962 Split-Screen Volkswagen T1 Camper Van was created as a product promotional tool and has been featured in Wired, Gizmodo, T3, Yanko Design, and many other design and automobile blogs. It has greatly helped this particular product reach a much wider audience than usually expected of a LEGO toy, and the sales have reflected this with a limit of 5 boxes per person in place!

This amazing stop frame animation build of the LEGO Campervan was created just after its release in October 2011. With over 250,000 views, it really shows how much passion people have for the iconic Volkswagen van and the LEGO brand in general!

These webtips were created as part an ongoing boost in online communication for the LEGO Creator team. For a relatively low investment, extra brand value is added to the Creator line through fun, playful webtips that not only show children our products, but also promote good building and LEGO values.

The webtips alone have greatly improved traffic through the LEGO Creator website and we continue to add games, blogs and answers to FAQ’s to keep inspiring all the Creator kids out there!