“We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing”George Bernard Shaw.

Working at LEGO has taught me that Play is an integral part of any design process and is essential for creativity to thrive. Play allows us to try and test new concepts and often in turn reveals the true emotive triggers required for any successful product.

Uprooting from one culture to another has proved to me me that design can be achieved anywhere and with any medium. I believe that adapting to new cultures with different dynamics and social dependencies broadens design perspective, and by constantly striving to achieve this one can gain the experience necessary to reach a wide variety of target markets on the emotional level needed for your work to improve their lives.

I apply this philosophy to all aspects of my work and thoroughly believe it has made me a better designer. I am outgoing, committed and passionate in the pursuit of design that contributes positively to life, social systems, the environment, and cultural diversity.