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Relief is a concept born from research into sustainable drainage systems, rain water harvesting and the availability of water as a resource for the society in which we live. Britain is renowned for its grey clouds and rainy days, yet hose-pipe bans and water shortages plague the media over the summer months…

Relief tackles these issues by being one of the first self-sufficient rain water collection, filtration and distribution points for cyclists. Sculptural art already exists on ‘Sustrans’ cycle networks around the country, but Relief offers much more than visual benefits. It utilises energy from the sun to filter collected rain water and turn it into a drinkable resource. It offers cyclists and ramblers a place to refill thier water bottles,  relax and replenish energy levels after exercise, and possibly reflect on rain water harvesting and its benefits whilst they shelter from the elements. Who knows, maybe they’ll even adopt rain harvesting principals around the home!

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